The New Tank!

The New Tank!

Its finally here! Its finally Cycling!

So this is my community's new home, a Juwel Lido 200 (which is 200L (about 53Gal) as the name suggests).

Zeus will be getting the 40L tank once this bad boy is cycled. but yeah, got some plants in there to start, will be getting more to fill it out a bit more. But the Theme was Star Wars, as is quite obvious by the big ol AT-AT in the left (ignore my glass scraper I dropped it while putting it onto the glass lol). I'm going plant shopping tomorrow for more to fill out a few more of the voids, and adding some green to the wood since it looks quite bare. Expect a post when everyone is in their new home and happy!

Here's the full photo for your viewing pleasure!

The Community's new tank!

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