My Current Tanks!

My Current Tanks!

Talking about my reason for having not the greatest tank sizes and why i have the fish i have n that.

TL;DR: Brexit

On to the long explanation..

So, its a well known fact that Fishkeeping is NOWHERE near as big as it is Stateside, and is quite a niche hobby and are niche pets to keep. what this means for the end user is that you end up with "premium" 10Gal's that cost north of £120 ($164) with subpar filter systems and a focus on moving livestock rather than actually providing solid advice (stopping people buying fish that are not suitable for their tank, poor Opal (Opal is my Pearl Gourami), you'll be getting a upgrade very soon!) and good products, like the lovely, well made tanks that you can get Stateside for pretty cheap, HOB Filters, Canisters etc.

Like, here's an example of what i mean, here is my 5 Gal Betta Tank, The tank on its own was a "kit" which was the tank itself and a pretty crap filter system, was £70 ($95), a Cube, like my parents have for their Crowntail Betta, was £65 ($89) and Zeus, my betta will be getting my 10 Gal when i get my room sorted enough to fit hopefully a 30 Gal in for my community fish. i really wish we had the Aqueon and similar tanks over here because honestly it would make the hobby more accessible over here.

Zeus' 5Gal Tank

and Here is my current Community. its rather small and definitely on the very heavy side for stocking, but its a planted tank and has a larger than needed filter packed with enough media to support it. as it is now there is 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm Nitrite and 20ppm Nitrate, oh and a lovely T A N N I N S colour. The fake plant on the right was to help seed it as it was in my previous tank which had my molly's in.

My 10Gal Community that really needs to be in a bigger tank... Tank

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk!
but yeah, the state of the hobby for someone like me who is really into it and wants to do the best they can for their pets is really hard when a 30 Gal is like north of £350 because you have to get a cabinet with it even if you already have a place sturdy enough for it (like a custom built rack for example). its just stupid for the sake of being stupid.

anyways enough of my rambling you'll hear from me again when i have my new tank setup and cycled for the moving of my community into it.

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